Lucky Orbit Slots

Arrow's Edge's Lucky Orbit Slots features a superbly designed, alien world background imagery. The dominating purple color sells the out-of-this-world feel of the main screen. The reels are surrounded by what appears to be extra-terrestrial technology. Two of the columns that are part of the violet, glowing in green pulsating lights machinery resemble rocket ships. The game's name is written in glowing green letters as well right on top of the reels. A Level meter and the current amount of the Cash Grab jackpot, which is delivered randomly after the end of a spin, are also displayed on both sides of the game's title. The symbols all have an appearance that fits the game's sci-fi theme – planets and astronauts are all over the reels.

Reach Lucky Orbit with Rewarding Features

The game's reels are 5, its rows - 3, and its pay lines - 35. Coin sizes can be as large as 6 dollars. Consequently, the biggest possible bet of the game is 240 dollars. Changing the bet through the main options is accompanied by a half-creepy, half-electronic collection of sound effects that significantly contributes to the game's space adventure feel. The paytable offers symbols with generous payouts, including wild, free spins, and scatter symbols. Players can further take advantage of sticky wild symbols, wilds with a stacked effect, a Mega Symbol Re-spin feature, a couple of free spin types, and a Progressive Jackpot prize.

Search the Orbit for Generous Paytable Payouts

The paytable of Lucky Orbit has eight symbols with fixed payouts. 7 of the 8 have three winning combinations that include between 3 and 5 matching symbols. The scatter of the game is the Earth. It has nine combinations – from 3 to 11 matching symbols, and it is the game's best-paying symbol. It offers 3, 10, 20, 40, 50, 75, 100, 400 and 1000 credits. The human astronaut's payouts are 40, 100, and 750 credits. The monkey astronaut's prizes are 35, 50, and 500 credits. Saturn brings 30, 40, and 300 credits. Uranus awards 20, 30, and 150 credits. Neptune grants 15, 20, and 100 credits. Mars provides players with 10, 15, and 50 credits. Mercury's prizes are equal to 5, 10, and 30 credits.

Brave the Depths of Space with Rewarding Effects of the Game's Special Symbols

The two symbols that don't offer winning combinations of their own are the Free Spins Sun symbol and the wild Alien. The game's wild can replace the other symbols in the game to complete possible winning combinations. The only symbols that the Alien can't replace are the Free Spins Sun and the Scatter Earth. The wild can appear only on the second, the third, and the fourth reel. After the twenty-sixth spin in the main game, every single wild that appears will be sticky for a pre-determined number of spins. For the first twenty-five spins, no wilds will appear on the reels. The wilds that do show up between spin 26 and spin 50 will be sticky for three spins. The wilds that appear between the fifty-first spin and the seventy-fifth will stay sticky for four spins. The Aliens that invade the reels during the spins between the seventy-sixth and the one hundredth will remain sticky for five spins. When spin 101 is reached, the wild spin level counter displayed on the main screen will revert to 1. When a wild is sticky, a tiny text with the word will be attached to the Alien icon. Naturally, the presence of sticky wilds will significantly improve players' chances for additional profits because of their substation effect. When the wild makes an appearance on one or two or all three of its possible reels, it will show up stacked, meaning that the wild Aliens will entirely cover the reel.

The Alien Machinery's Lucky Lights Will Award Re-Spins

The Mega Symbol Re-Spin feature involves the Nova lights positioned on top of the second, the third, and the fourth reel. These lights will continuously be going on and off when the reels start spinning. When the spin is completed, the lights will either be on or off. Whenever 2 Nova lights belong to adjacent reels on top of reels 2, 3, and 4 remain switched on after the conclusion of a spin, a single free re-spin is awarded. The adjacent reels will unite in one giant reel with huge symbols that cover two by two positions. The feature will end whenever the mega symbols deliver a prize, which will likely happen immediately.

Earn Big Prizes Through Mega and Free Spins

Players can also profit off of the game's free spins feature. Its activation will commence after 3, 4, or 5 free spin Suns show up on the reels, giving 10, 12, or 20 spins, respectively. The Nova lights above reels 3, 4, and 5 will be blinking throughout the free spins. Up to 3 lights can remain on after the end of a spin. If that happens, two by 2 or 3 by three giant symbols can show up during these so-called Mega Spins. 2 by two symbols land in the case of 2 adjacent turned on lights, and three by three symbols appear in the case of 3 adjacent lights. Naturally, all the adjacent reels that have their lights turned on will unite to create one big reel that produces giant symbols. During the Mega Free Spins, Re-spins are unavailable and vice versa. Lucky Orbit is a game that initially might seem to impress mostly with its looks and exquisitely designed sci-fi aura. Still, the more players investigate it, the more they will get swept away by the various rewarding bonus features and the powerful effects of its wild symbol.