Drake Casino can give its numerous members the chance to enter a huge variety of tournaments through the eponymously titled section on the site’s main menu. The webpage provides players with 3 types of contests – FreeRolls, Slots and TableGames. There are also 3 additional categories – All, Featured and Ended.

Managing the Detailed Tournament Browser

To the right of the name of the tournament is a little symbol, which informs the gambler if the competition is coming soon (a tick on a yellow circular background), can the player register on it (a minus on a green square background), is the player is already registered on it (a plus on a square yellow background), if it is in progress (two black arrows on a circular green background), if it has ended (an exclamation mark in a red square), if it is closed (a lock in a red square) or if it is cancelled (an X in a red square). Each tournament can be selected on the list and its details will be displayed on the right side of the screen - the tournament name, the main game of the contest, the start date, the end date and the game’s icon. Additionally, the Entry and the Rebuy fees will be shown alongside the amount of the entry chips and the amount of the rebuy chips.

Enjoying the Tournaments Section

Furthermore, players will be able to take a look at two detailed lists – one showing the best available prizes of the contests and the site’s leaderboard, including players’ names, rank and balance. Members need to keep in mind that the leaderboard is refreshing itself every 30 to 60 seconds so the information might not be immediately accurate. Otherwise, the entire page is filled with comforts, such as the ability to arrange all the tournaments on the lists according to their name and the name of their game (alphabetical order), the size of their prize, their entry fee and their status.

The Ended section is the biggest one, which means that most of the tournaments, which appear on the “All” section have concluded. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a satisfying number of currently available competitions – it is just something newcomers need to be aware so that they don’t get the wrong impression. The FreeRolls, Slots and TableGames sections offer several competitions each and the best contests are usually located in the Featured section.

The prize pools can reach thousands of dollars – the Sugar Pop 2 Monthly Tournament, for instance, offers a 5000-dollar prize. Entry fees range from free to 25 dollars. Most of the contests are connected to slot games but the table type is also very much present. All in all, Drake Casino offers its members well-paying tournaments with great games and comfortable entry requirements, all of which can be enjoyed through a spectacularly designed and highly efficient webpage.

Finding the Right Tournament for Yourself

Drake Online Casino offers one of the best tournament sections you can find online. In order to make the best choice you need to familiarize yourself with the tournament table, be aware of what kind of a budget you have in your disposal, what game type are you most comfortable with as well as the time and the entry fee for each event.

The Right Way to Enter a Tournament

In order to become a part of a competition, players need to click on the button of the tournament in the lobby, take a good look at the available and upcoming events and then clicking on the Register button. The leaderboard of every tournament is getting updated every 10 seconds. Players need to be cautious about the fact that all the games and plays will end at the exact time that is mentioned in the schedule.

The Cheapest Tournaments to Enter – the Freerolls

Among the available types at Drake Online Casino, the easiest to enter is the Freeroll type – currently there is just one example of that competition on the table – it is called Daily Free Roll 1, the entry is free (0 dollars = this is where the name of the type of the event comes) and the prize is 100 dollars. The game, which is associated with it right now is Faerie Spells.

Competitions That are Being Held on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis

The active tournaments on the site are available at different frequency – the more profitable they are the less frequently they occur. The event that occurs on a monthly basis is the 5000 dollars Yak Yeti and Roll Monthly Tournament that offer a collective prize of 5000 dollars and requires an entry fee of 5 dollars. Examples of weekly held tournaments are Weekly Slots, Thursday Slot, Weekender – Progressive 1 and Bi-Weekly 9!. The games that are mostly connected to those events are slots – Robin in the Woods, Caishens Arrival and Take the Bank.

Navigating Yourself Through the Tournament Table

The tournament table displays the names of the tournaments, the prize, entry free, game and status. A competition might be Coming Soon, Register, Registered, In Progress, Ended, Closed or Cancelled. The start date, end date and registration date deadline are also depicted. Every single competition will also have its entry fee, prize pool and leaderboard details shown to the right of the table.